• 06/2014  today Freelance journalist – analyst – digital storyteller, Berlin
       Own projects – gutGEFÜHLTersterweltkriegHEUTE – and SERVICES for clients.
    03/2013 03/2014 Freelance Copywriter and Content Designer, Brooklyn
    Texts, (info-)graphics and app-algorithms for clients.
    12/2011 02/2013 Principal Analyst, Manhattan Research, New York
       Trend research on innovation and the future of digital technology in healthcare in the U.S. and internationally.
    03/2011 11/2013 Sabbatical, Brooklyn
    Traveling, fiction writing, drawing.
    10/2009 02/2011 Head of medical content and services, HausMed eHealth Services, Berlin
    Editor in chief for patient information and conception of  online health coaching applications.
    10/2007 09/2009 Senior Associate, The Boston Consulting Group, Berlin
    Strategic consulting (healthcare, finance, insurance, business organization).
    08/2008 heute German license to practice medicine as a medical doctor
    “Approbation” was granted on 08/01/2008.
    02/2006 12/2006 Practical year (PJ) in medicine, RHH Sheffield and HSK Wiesbaden
    Pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine.

  • Comparison of the Expression of IL-27- and IL-27-Receptor-mRNA in Adult and Neonatal Dendritic Cells

    09/2003 07/2008 Dissertation for the attainment of the medical doctoral degree
    Center for Children- and Young-Adult-Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
    Day of doctorate: July 15, 2008 
    Grade magna cum laude

    Compared to adults newborns have a higher susceptibility for certain pathogens. With a view to better understanding the reasons for this, one important task of pediatric immunology is to examine the different components of the immune system regarding relevant differences between the adult and neonatal system. IL-27 is a heterodimeric cytokine, that is composited of the subunits EBI3 and p28. It is one of the most recently discovered members of the IL-12 family. Its receptor is a heterodimeric complex of gp130 and WSX-1. In the few years since its discovery, IL-27 has stirred up broad interest due to its multifaceted functions and properties. It is primarily expressed by DCs and plays a role in the early induction of the Th1-immune-response in infections with intracellular pathogens, by triggering proinflammatory processes within the immune system. However, IL-27 also has equally important tasks in antiinflammatory processes. The balance between these two functions is regulated by complex mechanisms, that are being carried out on the signal-transduction-level. Through its varied influences in the immune system IL-27 plays a role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and in mechanisms underlying transplant rejection. Moreover, IL-27 has antianiogenetic properties, which is why it is considered to have therapeutic potential in the treatment of tumor diseases. Infections with intracellular pathogens as well as autoimmune and tumor diseases are important topics in pediatrics, and IL-27 plays a role in diseases from these categories. This is why this dissertation was started with the goal of discovering a potential difference between adult and neonatal expression of IL-27 and IL-27-R or ruling out such a difference. The subject of investigation using PCR was the mRNA-expression of different maturity stages of monocytes and DCs, that had been isolated from whole-blood and leukapheresis-material of adult study participants and from umbilical cord blood of neonatal study participants.

    The results of this dissertation show that neonatal DCs that have previously been stimulated with LPS and IFNγ show a higher expression of p28-mRNA compared with analogous adult cells. IFNγ is an important inductor of p28-mRNA-expression in the adult as well as the neonatal system. Furthermore it could be shown, that compared with their adult counterparts, neonatal DCs along all maturity stages as well as monocytes consistently show a stronger expression of WSX-1/TCCR mRNA. Therefore this dissertation is pointing at a difference between IL-27- as well as IL-27R-expression in the neonatal and adult systems. On the one hand the ongoing investigation of this difference could lead to a better understanding of pathogenetic difference between childrens’ and adult physiology. On the other hand it could be relevant for the future development or improvement of therapies or vaccines.

  • 06/2013  heute Journalism studies – Freie Journalistenschule, Berlin
      Extra occupational training; courses: research, writing, journalistic genres, interview, journalistic branches, occupational fields for journalists, online journalism, self-marketing, photo journalism, publishing text and non-fiction books, print media, press law, introduction to media sciences – graduation expected for 2016.
    11/2015 12/2015 Personal trainer license – SAFS & BETA, Berlin.
    Extra occupational training with practical and theoretical final exams.
    04/2001 07/2007 Medical studies, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz
    Graduation with state examination in two parts. 
    10/1999 03/2001 Architecture studies, Technical University, Darmstadt
      Courses: classic archeology, drawing, painting, sculpting, illustrating geometry, structural design, architectural designing, structural engineering.
    08/1991 07/1999 Gustav-Stresemann Gymnasium, Bad Wildungen
    Honors courses in mathematics and english. 

  • German Association of Specialized Journalists (Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband – DFJV

    Medical Association Berlin (Ärztekammer Berlin)

    The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Alumni

    Alumni of The German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)

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    Greek Second native language
    French Conversational level
    Spanish Basics

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